júl 13, 2013, category: Technológia

The rise of artificial intelligence goes simultaneously with the downfall of a society whose economy is based on work.
The disappearance of jobs is accelerating with the acceleration of our technological progress. And AI, Artificial Intelligence is one of the main culprit.

The day AI produces a machine with an intelligence equivalent to the human brain, almost the day after another machine will surpass it and soon after that machines will have the brain power of all human brains combined.
This event is predicted to be so disruptive that some have called it the technological singularity beyond which predictions becomes largely uncertain.
For paradists this event is welcomed with excitement. It will mean that absolutely all the jobs the humans need to do could be advantageously replaced by machines. All human beings will be free from having to work. It will be a fantastic achievement.

Some express the fear that machines might then subdue humanity. The opposite is actually true. The intelligent machines will be programmed to serve us just like today's computers or washing machines. We will program them to be at our service. When it will be possible one day to give machines a consciousness, it is a feature that won't be necessary and useful to add if we want to use them as dedicated servants. We will have the choice to make conscious or non-conscious intelligent machines just like we have the choice between making a colour TV or a black & white one. The ethical question of using intelligent machines as servants will not be an issue.

The intelligent machines will help us think better and make better decisions. One should not fear artificial intelligence but natural stupidity.

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