apríl 14, 2012, category: Bez práce
"Nobody is more a slave than the one who considers himself free without being free"
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

When somebody possesses you and you are obliged to work, you are slaves. The company for which you work possesses you. It gives you what you need to survive. As the slaves in the past had food and a shelter, the current workers are slaves.
In the past, to control the slaves, they had big fences and rifles, now, to control the slaves, they need no more fences, they have the credit. Thirty years of slavery to pay one’s house. During 30 years, you cannot escape it. Every month, you pay for your car, your high-definition television set.
The government and the companies of advertising transformed you into slaves. Are you not tired of being slaves?
People think that it’s not possible to escape it, you too think so. No, you can. We do not need to work, we do not need money. Robots, computers and nanotechnologies combined can do what you do and even better than you. Surgery is a good example: robots are often the best surgeons.
If computers can do our work, we do not need to do it. And because robots do not need to be paid, we do not need money. We can enjoy everything free of charge.
It goes very fast. The economy is in ruin, all by itself! Wise men are not afraid because they know that it will lead to a world without money, without work.
People are worried when they hear banks that collapse. When you see what takes place, be delighted! What takes place is an essential stage of this humanity: a world without money, without politics, without serviceman, without violence, a world where we can take advantage of life and the love which we can give. All this takes place because the monetary system collapses. We live the most inciting moment in the history of humanity. Although we should expect difficult times, these are going to allow us to live a fantastic period of great changes!

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