jún 16, 2012, category: Technológia

The field of Genetic engineering is about to explode with innovations thanks to new tools that are making genetic engineering easily accessible to people. With those tools one is able to experiment with DNA and create their own synthetic life forms.
The next decades will see an explosion of new life forms that will be designed to fill our needs as good as and even better than nature itself.

Living beings live from renewable energy sources like sunlight,sugar,CO2… They can multiply very fast and grow on the spot. They can produce all the food, energy or materials we need where we need them. They suit all environment and they even recycle their waste.

Genetic engineering is the key to the sustainable abundance that Paradism wants to bring forth.
Therefore it is important for Paradists to educate the people and destroy the fears they have of the fantastic powers this technology could give us.
With overpopulation, mass extinction, pollution etc... we are facing fantastic problems. We need fantastic tools to overcome them.
We cannot be held back by anti-science belief systems. Our future is relying on how fast we can implement the life saving technologies of today. Without genetic engineering there will be no sustainable future! that is to say no future at all.

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