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We are experiencing the most exciting era in the history of humanity, because revolutions are breaking out all over the world. The people are tired. Tired of politicians who think only about their own interests. Tired of be gearings of a machine that forces them into prostitution in the name of profit. Tired of spending their lives sleeping, eating, producing and reproducing without any other purpose in life. That is why everyone in the world dream of a revolution. Because people want to be happy and give a meaning to their lives, surely not to hear about economic budgets or other similar nonsense. Who cares about those? No one. And in the meantime there are those who watch television and laughing wonder what government is going to fall next: probably theirs.

Soon the revolution will break out just where we least expect it to happen. Because this planet can be saved only if there is a world revolution. We need a revolution to get rid of this political system allowing the incapable to rise to power and to use our money to build more and more deadly weapons. We need a revolution to get rid of this political system that allows unscrupulous moneymakers to pollute our seas and to poison our food, making the Earth on which we live increasingly inhabitable.

We need a revolution to get rid of this political system that has made us into cold gears in a machine and sacrificed our lives at the altar of god “money”. The truth is that we do not need those who have dragged our planet and its humanity on the edge of the chasm, but we need wise people, elected democratically, to guide our choices without nothing to impose. And we do not need imaginary boundaries drawn on a piece of paper, but a united world and a world government to take care of all humanity, offering global solutions to global problems.

And we do not need to produce money, which only fattens the few and the powerful at the expense of the many and the weak. In the era of technological progress, science will soon be able to replace the human being, freeing him from the slavery of work and allowing him to devote himself solely to his own personal fulfilment, in a society that will ensure to fulfil all his needs for free.
That is the world that we all dreamed of. It's Paradism.

Paradism is a socio-political system through which the human being finds at last his own dignity and the role he deserves. Thanks to new technologies that will soon be available, he will no longer be forced to work to earn enough to live miserably, but will be able to simply enjoy the goods which science will produce for free and which a world government will distribute evenly.

This is the only government that people want.

And you who are reading these words, you have the choice whether to remain part of the gears of this mechanism that is slowly sucking your life away or to get up from your armchair and do something concrete so that Paradism can come about everywhere in the world, creating that utopia society that many people have dreamed of but nobody has been able to achieve. Because now is the time to do it. For the first time in history we finally have the means. And you can be the pioneer of this new era, he who will make a difference.

Are you ready to join us?

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