AGI a láska: Dva kľúče k Paradizmu

Nemali by sme sa báť nadbytku inteligencie, ale nedostatku lásky.

Automobil bez vodiča: ďalší vážny krok smerom k paradistickej spoločnosti.

Vozidlá bez vodiča hlboko zmenia náš spôsob života.

Správa storočia: Zrodenie Bio 3D tlačiarne

Bio 3D tlačiareň je kľúčovou technológiou Paradizmu.

The rise of artificial intelligence

One should not fear artificial intelligence but natural stupidity.

New "Star Trek" technology in medicine

Towards a world without disease and suffering.

Will 3D Printing Change the World?

A game-changing impact on the very concept of scarcity on which our economy is based.

Paradism: Living forever young

Ageing will soon be stopped and we will be able to live forever young in a true paradise.

4D printing and self-assembling materials at the service of a world without work

4D printing is one of the technologies which paradism will develop and prioritise greatly contributing to create a world free of work and money.

Can Nanotechnology Create Utopia?

Michio Kaku explains how the impossibility to produce abundance has led all utopia to failure. The replicator, the ultimate machine that can assemble any object atom by atom, is finally about to change that.

Intelligent material that morphs into any object

Objects that morph at will to the size, the colours and the shape we desire. If this technology existed today, most people would be relieved of their jobs.
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